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  • Hilton Shanghai

  • Shanghai Hilton Hotel is located in the bustling business and entertainment center for business and leisure people to provide first-class facilities and attentive service. The hotel has a new 714 room decoration, bright landing windows, fully functional office area and high-speed broadband access, are full of modern rooms. 7 restaurants and bars bring a variety of different styles of food, from Sichuan flavor, Ningbo seafood to the Mediterranean dishes, everything. The hotel's grand banquet design is unique, with an area of 2500 square meters of the full range of 18 conference rooms, coupled with professional banquet management and catering service team to ensure that your activities held smoothly.

    Room style elegant, complete facilities. The minimum room area of 33.6 square meters, equipped with a living room, a desk, a single control air conditioning system, refrigerator, mini bar, with a recording function of the international and domestic direct dial telephone, two telephone lines and high-speed network interface, make calls and broadband Internet access synchronization. Remote control color TV can receive 24 hours of satellite TV and cable channels, such as CNN, the British news network, super Taiwan, Asia news station, etc..

    The hotel has 7 restaurants and bars. Fresh and elegant Leonardo restaurant offers classic Mediterranean delicacy. Open all day long with the flavor of the world through Ge buffet and a la carte menu for guests to choose. Fresh smooth Ningbo seafood in the shuishangrenjia restaurant to find. The hotel is located in the 39 floor of the Tianfu floor focused on China most famous cuisines sichuan. Jingan luxury supply corridor continental breakfast, drinks and snacks in the evening jazz. Step thirty-nine, you can enjoy the city while enjoying the scene of the famous international band live performances.

    At the fitness center on the 4 floor, you can use the latest cardio pulmonary function and strength training equipment, can also choose to participate in aerobic exercise classes, or in the Boxing area training. Indoor swimming pool installed glass ceiling, the pool water temperature is constant and comfortable, to bring you a wide open space. Outdoor tennis court fence and professional lighting, is a good place to exercise in the evening. Interior wall court with professional front wall, rear glass wall and floor system. The spa provides massage and nursing, nursing face and spa products, make your heart in noisy quiet. Famous than Beijing beauty salon to provide hair styling services.


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